FADNAT-Elvis Finds Love, 2021🔴


Oil 0n Wood Panel

16 x 20  2021 

Armen the VetNurse has financial & cocaine issues. He worked passing out flyers for the Vet in a RedPanda costume until they were shorthanded & gave him scrubs. He started doing illegal plastic surgery on the side. He recently    performed surgery on a slow adult affectionately nicknamed Elvis. He’s very popular on TikTok for his Elvis impressions & raised $17,000 on GoFundMe for the surgery to look like Elvis. VNArmen did it for $8,000 & it looks great! Aside from his right eye being another pair of lips & his nose touching his mouth. Elvis says he loves it! A TikTokGirl named Luau said he looked Hot & became his girlfriend! Unfortunately, she took the remainder of his GoFundMe money he hid in his shoe. Elvis called his roommate who’s an AnimalTracker for help. He & his HindLeglessRaccoonSidekick named Roona are on the case! Sadly, Roona is getting older & can’t handstand everywhere anymore. Tracker said,”I love you Roona, we’re a team!” So he had VNArmen surgically attached her to his scull.”It looks Great!” Unfortunately, several of Roona’s suiters kept jumping on his back, but she carefully chose a respectful one & they only make love while he’s asleep. Although, it’s aggressive. Bathroom was also an issue. She’d warn him but it still got all over his back.  Tracker Yahoo’d, after he figured all they needed was to lean back in his old faithful BigBlueReclinerWhen she was ready. He then called his brother TheFrenchDetective. He’s currently on a case to catch The MexicanBigfoot! They decided to help each other & cornered MexiBigfoot who said, ”I’ll let you catch me if you just show people I’m not scary, just a very tall hairy GingerDude in a Sombrero. Elvis said,”Everyone lovesRedPandas, so let’s send MBigfoot to VNArmen to attach him to one!” It worked! Sadly, the Panda was very mean & scary. VNArmen & his Bulldog Snuffer joined in the hunt for TikTokGirl. Roona & Snuffer led them to a TikiBar. Elvis, still in love, pointed her out. Seeing MexBigfootPanda, she ran into the kitchen where they found her hiding in a PotatoeSack. VNArmen, high on coke & holding a scalple screamed,”You better have his money!” Luau said, “Wait, I really love him, I opened him a savings account!” She kissed Elvis and he blushed. Crowd  Awwwed. It was Tiki KaraokeNight so Elvis ran on stage. Everyone cheered as he curled his new NoseTouchingLips and Sang,”Don’t Be Cruel To A Heart That’s True.”

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