It Remains to Be Seen – Dan Barry

collage by dan barry of a skeleton dressed as uncle same hanging with his hands from a rope on a blank tan background, artwork is framed
La Luz de Jesus Gallery is proud to present

It Remains to Be Seen

Solo exhibition from Dan Barry

January 5 – January 28, 2024

Reception: Friday, January 5th. 7pm – 11pm

In It Remains To Be Seen, Dan Barry reflects upon our difficult times – the fragility of human life, loss, mortality, anxiety, as well as, the artist’s personal response to the general climate of dread and chaos found in a polarized nation and current world events.

Amongst the chaos, decay and uncertainty, there is also delicacy, beauty and optimism. Two sets of traits that are not mutually exclusive, either in art or in life. This is the balance that Dan’s work seems to ask us to look for as we consider his pieces and how they might resonate with us as individuals.

We are at the precipice of a truly remarkable moment. Our experiment of democracy is about to pass the 250 year mark.
Americans are still taking part in the democratic experiment Thomas Jefferson launched with the Declaration of Independence.
The magnitude of the danger and threat we as a polarized nation are facing cannot and should not be underestimated.
Decency, integrity, honor, honesty, empathy and compassion are what we desperately need right now.” — Dan Barry

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