Doug Fogelson, Don Fritz, So Youn Lee, Justine Lin, Mayuko Nakamura, and Naoshi

June 5 – 28, 2015
Artist reception: Friday, June 5th; 8-11PM

Broken Cabinet

This series looks at reanimating objects via multiple exposures of colored light, blended to make new color mixes. The flora and fauna are representative of species becoming extinct at alarming rates in this Anthropocene era, due mostly to human induced climate change and related abusive actions. By showcasing them under broken glass in candy colors, the viewer is stimulated to look deeper at the quality of their forms.

Fogelson stresses that the objects dictate their own image as they index themselves in the cameraless process he uses with subjects sitting upon light sensitive materials. The agency of light and the work of collecting and composing complete it. States of decomposition are often colorful, and Broken Cabinet reminds us that this beauty carries a cost.


Atomic Icons

Children’s toys and books become objects of ritual when they are imbued with conscious and unconscious meaning based in cultural constructs of gender and power. Heavy and fragile are the underlying presence and psychological consequence of the menacing cultural narratives intrinsic in everyday objects; banality is easily transcended by over-sizing, but power is also trivialized. Guns, jet planes, and rocket cars hide violence beneath their glazed surfaces.

Fantasies of power are closely linked to gender identities, which are formed in adolescence. The toys that seem to reflect the innocence and freedom of childhood are embedded with weighty social contracts dictating gender roles. Here the objects are incorporated with the menacing presence of the atomic symbol as an investigation within American pop culture to show the disparity between our idealized dreams and our physical realities.

Click here for a pdf of Don Fritz’s Professional downloadable CV.


Dream Talk

So Youn Lee is a Korean artist who lives and works in Irvine, CA. She is best known for her whimsical and vibrant paintings that takes on narrative of investigating emotions, memories and hope. Lee’s character ‘Mango’ Explores a candy-like universe with its companion ‘Choco’, to find connection with individuals and what is happening in the culture today. In this show ‘Dream Talk’, the environment melts down into objects, objects becomes alive and Mango finds happiness in wonderment of its surrounding. This child-like imagination carries pureness, naive perspective about life that leads us to total positivity, yet unreachable nostalgia.

So Youn Lee’s show is completely sold out, so contact the gallery director to be put on the purchase list for her next show.


Justine Lin paints surreal spaces and magical places inhabited by noble beasts. Her human and anthropomorphic characters remind us of both the lofty and low aspects of human nature. “Noble” is a celebration of the whimsical and the absurd, with a dash of introspection and melancholy, against the backdrop of a bucolic fantasy world.



Mayuko Nakamura was born in Osaka, Japan. Utilizing vibrant colors and imagery, Mayuko depicts stylized and seductive women from her unique female perspective.  Her girls are provocative and sexual, but even more importantly, strong and powerful….as Mayuko herself aspires to be.


Sweets Planet

Using shiny colorful sand, which is called SUNAE in Japan, I’m making SUNAE art. I always get inspirations from things around my everyday life, such as my favorite sweets, sunny side up eggs, the big continuous sky and the rain, etc. My art is the reflection of my imagination. I usually get ideas and start sketching when I imagine surreal things and have a moment like “Ah, the whole scenery would be funnier if those things looked like this!” I always hope to live life brightly each day
just like the sparkly shiny sand that gracefully slips through my hands and fingers.


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