Scott Hove Explains Cakeland

Exhibition Closing Party

Sunday, April 26th, 3-6pm

Scott Hove is a primarily self-taught, San Francisco born artist living in Los Angeles. His Cakeland sculptures integrate dualistic themes in a highly theatrical manner, using traditional cake decorating techniques in sculptures and installations to describe a world of implied comfort and threat. His work has been featured on the Food Network and on several travel and gourmet programs. His current exhibition at La Luz de Jesus gallery, Pussy Jihad, features a gigantic walk-in cake, an S&M themed carnival ride, and the sweetest cruel shoes you’ve ever seen. He’ll be here in person to discuss the featured work, his methods of creativity, and to guide a few tours of the interior of the show’s centerpiece.

Scott’s works encompasses a broad variety of media, from sculptural installations to painting, but the cakes are formed using carvable polyurethane foam and plywood. They are frosted with a variety of acrylic media and accessorized with fake fruit and other objects found in stores or on the street. The materials and techniques borrow from traditional and decorative arts and craft to render the oftentimes jarring objects and fantasy installations. The archways at Littletopia were created on site, specifically for the L.A. Art Show.

Hove’s co-opting of kitsch is elevated through satire, allowing him to integrate topical political and social issues as textual messages in a thought-provoking rather than offensive manner.

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Custom pieces can be commissioned.

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